About Us

Hi there! We are a location independent design studio with a strong interest in mobile living, outdoor sports and arts. But raw paradise is more than just another design agency. For us it’s a faithful leap into the uncertain, an experiment if our ideas about ‘the good life’, independence and professional work can be merged into one sustainable concept. We are makers. We live unconventionally. We love to get things done – ‘work hard – play hard’ really comes down to the same thing for us. We work closely with our clients – if needed, we just move our mobile studio anywhere across Europe!

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is the aesthetic minimalist, who believes that a sophisticated concept makes the foundation of a good design.

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is the libertine, the professional improviser with a soft spot for opulence.

We are specialized on industrial design, and as such, we mainly create three dimensional objects, but also consider production methods, use cases and services. With a network of skilled wizards around us, we can  also offer graphic design and content creation (photography and cinematography). As there is no Planet B, we focus on sustainable and ecological aspects while designing a product. Buzzwords, we know, but we aim to fill them with life, make them mean something.

Our design process usually goes like this: after the initial warm-up, we host a briefing workshop where we identify the design problem in collaboration with our client. From there on, we dive into the concept stage, in which we analyse the field of action, gather insights about the target audience or market, draft multiple ideas and present them to the client. After a collective decision for one (or more) options, the next stage begins. We elaborate the design in detail, create visualisations and work closely with the companies stakeholders (eg engineers, sales person, product manager etc) to make sure that our design hits the mark. After a following presentation, we discuss the last details with everyone involved. In the subsequent stage, we finalize the design and create production drawings. Usually, our work is done at this point, but we also attend production if desired!

Mobile Home Offices

The outpost of the company. Can be spotted anywhere across Europe, maybe next in your city? Learn more @c.h.r.u.e and @creators_outandabout